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 Thien Vinh Import-Export Trading Service Co., Ltd. was established in 2009 with the goal in mind to help promote the Country of Vietnam, culture and its people.  Our aim is to help connect the local business community in Vietnam with one another and to help introduce and link global companies, foreign investors to Vietnamese and FDI factories, suppliers, manufacturers, trading, distribution companies.


Our first step to achieve this goal was to produce a book which would provide accurate, updated and insightful information on Vietnam’s economy, investment overview, financial & market developments, marketing & research data, features on tourism as well as other helpful information that would be useful for any business people living in Vietnam or abroad. In 2010, Thien Vinh IMEX Service Trading Co., Ltd. signed an agreement with one of Vietnam’s most respected news organization Vietnam News Agency – Ho Chi Minh Branch to publish the book in 2011. 


Not long after teaming up with Vietnam News Agency – Ho Chi Minh Branch, Thien Vinh was able to find a distribution, sales and marketing company based in the U.S. who had heard of Thien Vinhs’ concept and came to believe in Thien Vinh’s Board of Directors ideas and vision for promoting the country of Vietnam.  In 2010, Thien Vinh signed a distribution, sales & marketing agreement with Columbus Trading Corporation (U.S.A.) for the book and for similar future projects with Thien Vinh.


So on April 20th, 2010 an official press conference was held on April 20th, 2010 to announcement the joint partnership of all three companies to publish, distribute and market “The Vietnam Business Directory Since Joining The WTO”.  On April, 2011 the book was officially launched and distributed in the Vietnam, the U.S. and to several other neighboring countries in Asia.


After the successful launched of the English Business & Investment Book, Thien Vinh wanted to increase its role in helping to promote the Country of Vietnam.  On May 20th, 2011 Thien Vinh successful launched a business & lifestyle website WWW.VIETNAMWTO.COM. The website will help promote Vietnam’s economy much faster and on a global scale.  The website will allow updated information to be changed in an instant and will allow anyone around the world access to free information about Vietnam on investment, business and leisure.


Since the website launched we have received over 198,761+ hits from Vietnamese companies and as well visitors from over 144+ countries around the world. Of those 198,761+ hits we have received over 30,000 local and FDI companies providing their listing information to our website.


According to Google Analytics, the average visitor to WWW.VIETNAMWTO.COM. spends about 17 minutes on our website and views on average 10 Page views.  We receive on average 35% new visitors to the site each day with a 65% rate of returning visitors.  We are also proud to inform you that we have a 35% bounce rate for our site. In the website world any website having a bounce rate below 40% is considered excellent due to providing helpful information to visitors, having a nice web design which is user friendly and having interesting contents/topics that relates to visitors.


Whether you’re an SME, large corporation, multinational corporation, NGO or government organization that is already doing business in Vietnam or are planning to invest in the Vietnam market, our book and website will help you keep abreast of Vietnam’s economy, infrastructure, local and foreign investments.


We would like to thank the following companies for providing and contributing their expertise and experience of working or doing business in Vietnam to our book & website; Allens Arthur Robinson, Ben Thanh Art & frame, British Council, Cimigo Vietnam, Columbus Trading Corp. (Houston, TX), Hil & Jas Foto Concept, NTFQ2 urban fitness, PricewaterhouseCoopers (Vietnam) Ltd., Standard Chartered (Vietnam) Ltd. and Savills Vietnam Ltd.


We welcome any company and organization in Vietnam or abroad that would like to collaborate with us in any potential working relationship such as partnering website links, advertising sales agent representative or simply providing your expertise and experience to our website.


For further information regarding “The Vietnam Business Directory Since Joining The WTO” and website or please send an email to



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